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Kims Premium Galactomyces Essence

This essence stimulates microcirculation of blood in the skin, improves the absorption of the product and the delivery of active ingredients, effectively fights skin problems. The filtrate of fermented yeast (genus Galactomyces) and the lysate of fermented bifidobacteria increase the elasticity of the skin. Sodium hyaluronate provides optimal hydration. Rose water, obtained from the flowers of the capital rose (Rosa centifolia), gives the skin A gentle fragrance and moisturizes it.

How to use
Apply on clean skin with application movements until completely absorbed.

Filtrate fermented yeast (genus Galactomyces), rose water from the flowers of the capital rose (Rosa centifolia), propylene glycol, lysate of fermented bifidobacteria, sodium hyaluronate.

Nominal volume: 150 ml
Shelf life after autopsy: 12 months